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Customer Satisfaction

Media 54 LLC is familiar with the typical types of delays associated with not receiving feedback or content necessary to complete maintenance and administration on your website. We would be available 24/7 in person, by phone, email or by remote access. You could expect no more than a 24 hour response time. We would look forward to providing premium high quality products and services. We have a system in place to address any delays in meeting your needs. Our experience tells us that there will be much responsibility on our part to educate, inform and communicate. You can expect high quality design solutions and ideas. We are very capable verbal, written and visual communicators. We hope to become the Architects of Your Creative Ideas.

Competitive Rates

Media 54 LLC offers the type of friendly professional customer service and attention to detail that successful companies come to expect. Our rates are competitive within the industry. Traditional print media, newspapers, trade magazines and other publications are having to recreate the way they do business.

Building the Foundation

Media 54 LLC will develop and design a secure, accessible website for your business or organization and verify that it complies with W3C standards. We will help in choosing a domain name, applying for copyrights and trademarks before launching your site. Once your design concept is created, we will work with you to finalize the plan. We will design a plan and then begin the process of building your site on our test site. We do extensive testing before your site is published. The site is hosted on our test site, media54.net, so that you can watch the site being built and provide your real time input. Media 54 LLC will administer and maintain your site. We are available on an ongoing basis for the administration and maintenance aspects to ensure that everything including your email or cloud is fully operational. We will provide the instruction and high quality customer service and attention to detail that you require. Click link to visit our test site.

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Collateral and Pricing Guidelines

Ask us about our Partnership with Verio. We offer MS Exchange and Share Point. No servers or expensive software to purchase and maintain.

Streamline you email, share documents, build your business intranet all for a monthly fee per user. Your business can avoid the costly mistake of trying to handle all of your IT needs on site.

Social Networking is important today. We offer products and services to help you maximize your ROI on “Social Efforts.”

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