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Technical Business Strategies

  • WEBSITE DESIGN - Page design, layout, logo and product design concepts, photography, SEO.
  • DEVELOPMENT — Web Hosting, Forms, SEO both on page and off page in addition to keyword optimization, Google analytics setup with web hosting. Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint 2010 and Email Marketing.
  • WEB ADVERTISING — Web line and display advertising. Interactive cubes, rectangles and banners. Slideshows. PDF’s, Media Kits. Specialty Advertising Products.
  • WEB HOSTING AND EMAIL — Managed server, search and submission of domain, digital assets.

Website Builder Web Design
Web Development Website Hosting
Verio Partner Specialty Advertising

Special Points of Interest:

A business can buy or sell widgets, parts or services from an individual or business in another town, state or country.

Companies can pay online, track the shipment or delivery of their order with the click of a mouse from their home, office or mobile location.